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millions of hits in just one week. watch the video for yoorself. pt's liiked to our website... fox-baltimore doo cm slash nnwslinks 3 3 an... energy drink... that could be... killing &ppeople...///.. welcome to the late editionn... i'm jeff b. barnd. aad i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert.paul gessler explains wwy the fda is nowwreviewing the safety of oneeof he country's most popular suppleme. supplements. actor: "i don't wanna get up."the commercials deeict dreary mornings... and afternoon "dying for a nap? what do you do?"five- hour energy is classified as a dietary supplement, something the f-dd a does not regulate.that substance abuse educator: 9.30 (on regulation) "now it's justt waiting for mooe tragedy andd &pexperts from substance abuse educatorssdr. sriram padmanabhan, medstar fraaklii square ospital: "once a day,
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500... let me go chhck..."to doctors, like baltimore see the potentialldangers.dr. ssiram padmanabhan, medstar franklin square hospital:"in some people, i don't think any 3 shelves.flying off the with product flying off the shelves. 3
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a statemenn for 5-hour energy say thee are unaware of any -3 consumption of its drink. 3 3 3 first on fox, a father accused of stabbing his one year old son to death .... hours aftee celebrating his first birthday... will not stand rial after all. all. hari close... appeared in court today ann agreed to enter a guilty plea to first degree murder. in exchange he wwth three years probation. . - it was last year, ooice found close's one year old son stabbed to death. his body hidddn in the basement. 23:14:34 ww felt based on he amoont of evidence that thee state had that it as in his best interest to take a plea. 23:15:23 today was an emotionallday in the courtroom clearly the mother was emotional and she had every right tt be.23:15:43 i know he's extremely remorseful about this incident because it's his soonat one years old so :47 &p:47unddr the deal, should close under the deal, one years ld so :47 :47because it's his son at one p47ars old so :47 unner tte deal,,should close
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violate his probation during that three year period... he could be sent to prison for life. policc... need reisterstown girl ./.. missing... for nearly... two months. months. sasha... arianna... sam---al ... was &p21ss..../she... tinted windows ...andd.. a... o cross the top windshield..../ the driver was ...a... is... 5 feet, 5 and wwighs 140 pounds...///. she was wearing ...a.. t-shirt anddblue jjans..../anyone ...with information... should calll.. baltimore county police. a... pathee's... arrested... aater police say... &phe brought a gun ....o a meeting... at his son's school. it happened weddesday morning... at he academy for college and careee exploration in hampden..../police say rodney parker was called to a disciplinary meeting for his son. he arrived in a cab and dropped a .22 caliber handgun
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as he was getting out of the car. the cab driver reported later.parker was arrested in s - the front office..o onn was injured. wo men accused in thee violent killings of three youngg hildren are preparing to stand triil for the third ti. time. poliiarpio essinooa and adan this morning which would have resulted n a 40-year prison sentence. instead, thee choss tt stand trial in march for the 2004 murders of three &pyoung relatives. they were convictee six years ago but a high courr later overturned their convictions. this new ccse could be more difficult to provee ooe of the key witnesses has since died. another is serving time in a exican prison. 3 also first on fox, emails obtained by fox 45 show more problems with crime reporting inside city schools. &pschools. last month we told you that school officials were using in-house referrals to
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keep some school ccimes off city police say reportsson dozens of serious felony crimes that occurred inside city schools are incomplete or used to determine a schooll safety ratinng it is unclear if they incomplete reports impacced the investiiation or prosscution of any ccimes. school officials say ttey are in he process of searching eight years... ago. ../ the pressdent,.../ then... senate candidate... bama ... said... "the war on drugs"... hhd failed...///. &pnow,.../ ith... two states... llgalizing marijuana,.../ he's.... that could radically policy. keiih daniels... downtown baltimmre with the latest.. kkith. keith. jeff....'s an issue ttat the streets of baltimore.. and across thh countrr. and tonight, the people weigh in. /////////////////vo///////////// we hit the streets of baltimore city to get an opiiion on this question: should marijuana be legalized.. or at least de- criminalized.. thattis remove
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the current laws.........thhe issue, revisited tonight.. withhpot now legal in olorado and washington state.. and with word that the washington guardiaa has unearthed old video of president obama during a debate in his initial illinois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. aa the time, the president said he was for dd-criminalizing marijuana. 3ppres. obama) "but i'm not somebody who belives in legaaization of mmrijuana. to rethink how we're operating in the rug war..." p opponentt say &mariju leggl..... they call it the "gaaeway drug" to more armful and illeggl drugg. live inndowntown baltimorr, keith daniels, fox 45 ews, late edition. that brings... uu to our question of that brings... us to fox 45 news, late edition. , thaa brings... us to our question f the day.should we legalize arijuana? marijuana? you're split on this one tonight. head to our facebook page and like fox45. and see
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if you agree it is time to psers. 3 itts a really bad day, actually a horrible year for the united states postal see service. the usps lost almost 16 billion dollars in the paat ffscal year. ttat's a ten billion ddolar jump from 2010 dollars. the pootaa service saas that horrible nnws doesn't show their record productivity and 8 percent growth in shipping. they blame tth loss on coogress for forcing them to et aside billions to pay reiiree health benefits. they planntt cut ooer 150 thousand wookers ooer the next three years. it wassa good day to fight back against crime when one couple spotted their stolen ruck in traffic. this is my truck!"" thh confrontation happennd in coloradoosprings. the couule spotted theii black truck in an inteesection. they quickly pulled in ffont
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in. wwen they opened the door to rip thh thief out of their the woman is facing auto theft charges. 3 3&that... cold fall... air... eems like it's settliig in tonight. we saw some freezing temperatures laat night, are we in for more of the same? same?ffo more of the night, freezing temperatures last night, are we in for more of the same? same? 3let's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid with youu skywatth forecaat.
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33 was the white house lying bout libya. why top repubbicans say thh president 3& a man of theecloth urns he smuggled drugs into jaii. 3 a new viral video of baby's ffist steps. wwy a bad ddg and a messy diaper are turninn heads tonight. 3 congress
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3 congress called inntop obama administration leaders to testify about exactly wwat happened ii libyaa libya. most of the critical hearings were cllsed for nntional secuuity reasons. affaars committee held an opee ffgure out why the white house days after the cia knew this
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strikk. epublican disapproval of ammassador susan rice and her publii because of an anti-muslim ll video. the deadly aatack on thee consulate in enghazz happened more than eight weeks go and misinformation, murder and now... sex.a ccverup? has... all the intrigue... - p of... a spy novel...// go away? r... will.. it... bb... an albatross... around... presideet... barack obamm's... neck.../ much... like watergate... was for... mr nixon?? nixon?? peverything is in hd hold bin caaled
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if... the... finds the government... hid... news... of terrorist attackk.../ who... should be held responsible?the... secretary of state?the... at all.?go... to our facebook page... ... slash fox - baltimore.../ think. ww're saying thankkyou to our us... whht you think. and... tell baltimoree../ slash fox ... &pbaltimoree../ and... tell us... whattyou think. p, 3
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a baby's first and a youtube first. how a meesy diaper turned into the latest viral video. 3 a ppiest connesses to smuggling drugs. why he says he brought synttetic opium to his jailed flock. common sense...
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hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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>> they didn't mean you honestl says... a man of the cloth ... should know part ... of... a... drug investigation... prevealed that... stephen visit... a former
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parishioner... at the ...two bridges regionaa jail... in... isccsset, maine...///. the drug was identified... as... "suu--ooooee - / a... synthetic ooiate...///. investigators say... the drug distributed in the jail.../, but... used by... the the sheriff's department... expects foote be indicted by the grand jury... .../// they... say the h. & reverend says... he believes... he was being a good samariann../ helping... the two men.../ by... providing them the drugs. "he knew full-well what he was was a criminal offense and it - that if he got caught he'd be in big trouble ann he understands nn he seems willing to just tep up nd just take whatever is anded down to him." the two inmmtee - / face charges of "attempted drug trafficking in prison...// maybe... padre... should've re-read... first peter... from the new testament...// be... sober-miided; watchful.../ the... devil prowls around... like a common sense says, these
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black ffrday more than... a... week awayy.. / but... shoppers are already... camping out... for the best pealssof the season..../// video... rrm... san diego.../ where some want... to... miss out ...on... some arry buys....// imaggne ong ...that line will be... by this timm common sense sayy,... job,.../// you'll liveelo. longer. a ... new study the travel website... expedia.../ found... that the averaae american... is losing... their vacation daas...///. most employees get ...12 days of vacation a year.../, down from 14 ...last year,.../ but... only áuseá... 10 of them..../// the... biggest problem... is ttat people... think they'll rollover... to next year, .../ but... most companies ....avv put in... "use it or lose it"... policies ...// where... vacation days... are forfeited... without pay the end of the year...///. we're still better thhn ...the japanese .../ who ...
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only use ...five... of their 13 dayss 3 fiist steps andda messy diaper. ow the dog tole one baby's thunder. 3 aúó aúó oment in
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child takes their first step. - step.unfortunately... for one couple... / thhir... child's... exciting moment... was upstaged... / by... the family . see ...the child stumbling around the room... sofa.everyone is excitee... - iicluding the little girl... a big steaming pile of his ve &pexcitement on the ruggnext to theebaby.but then this happens... the baby &prolls right into the dog's 3 present.the dog's little present. & wwat's our weekend going to look like? like?weekend going to look like? 3
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like? let's go to vytas for a look at the the ravens defense hit with another injury...jimmy smith's surgery and how many weeks he'll in sports unlimited... 3 3that's all for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd.
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barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. here's bruce cunningham with 3 3 wiih the injury to lardarius webb, jimmy smith has beenn smith has not been tte new -
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allin fact, he underwent surgery today to repair a sports one is sayyng out long the former out, buttyou can figure t bb familiar nfl lexicon, that means next this case, corey graham will ascend into the starter's role... "any time you're out plays. it's not going to beeany out there and make lays. i e buu whhn you get an opportunity that's what you want."or, that's what you you want." 3 aaticipating smith's probllm, the ravens went out and got some depphhthiss &pweek.....veteran chris johnson, the formmr haveemuch offan acclimation peeiod....rght now, it looks like he will be the nnckleback come sunday nightt.. "this is the firss time n my careerrthat iiactually had to it's really exciting and fun good organnzation and come in and just contribute." 3 eesewhere...heart trouble for jim harbaugh...the head coach
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of the 49ers, and brother of the ravens head coach, harbaugh started experiencing chest pains on wednesday and today was sent tt the hospital for a medical proceedure...the &p49ers say the situation was not seriius nd was team complex on friday./the -- with the public schoolssnow in regional final ompetition, the private schools will crown champions in hree different classifications this saturday, in the second annual iaachampi. championships... top ranked ilman and number two calvert hall will square off forthh a conference identical 8-2 records, but - gilman took the regularseason was thhir third straight win ovee the cardinals...and to say the leaat, these two teams are not strangers to one another... ddnald davis: "ttere's veryy &pfew surpriies that we can pull out thht we've practiced aa any point or uued in the game. familiarityywith them helps us. because number one we've played them in some great, great cllse games so ur ids belleve that we have the opportunity , if we play the wayyweere capable of, to emerge victorious. i'm certaii their kids eel the same way." henry russell: " we know what they're about, they know what there's going to be a lot of surprises. i thinn it mmre just comes down to the kids executing. i doo't thiik we'll see eithee team really fooled or anything like that. it'll just come down to both teams working hhrd and seeing which 33y ittgoes.""- goes."seeing which way it 3 33
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and remember you can see the security plus federal cedit union miaa championship game this saturdayyat 7-30 on our sister station the cw gilman battle for the "a" nd ccnferrnce title...the miaa championship only on the cw baltimoor. it's now time o announe our high school gaae of the week quarttrs ffthe pickkd atholton at iver hill in the 3a east final...tune in tomorrowwnight for the highlights... major league baseball handed triple crown winner miguel t's cabrera takes home the americaa league mvp....t wasnnt even close ... cabrera
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beat out angelssrookie mike trout receiving 22 of 28 first with a 3-30 average, 44 home - runs ndd139 rbi...cabrrra's since carl yastrremskk back ii jones finished 6th in voting... on the senior circuit, giants the hardware...posey missed most of the 20111season with a left leg fracture but came back this season with a 3-36 averrge, 24 home runs and 103 its 2nd orld series title in 3 years...he received 27 of the 32 first place votts... ryan braun finished ii 22dd.. that'll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...i'm bruce cuuningham...tune in to fox45 morning news tomorrow --
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